Tiffany Girls’ Generation Bakal Rilis Album Mini Baru Bulan Januari Ini

Lewat akun Instagramnya, Tiffany Girl’s Generation mengumumkan akan merilis sebuah album mini bulan ini.

Update: [MV/Lirik] Tiffany Young Rilis Lagu Born Again + Konfirmasi Album Baru

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Album yang berjudul Born Again tersebut akan dirilisnya pada tanggal 25 Januari 2019.

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recently having to address some of the most painful personal struggles in my life about my family had made me realize how important they were into what makes me, ME. it has let me channel ALL of myself honestly into my art while writing this upcoming EP. its been a time to really open up some wounds & heal. to find a way to accept & grow. there has almost never been peace when creating in my life, but the art created during that struggle has always been the most truthful & rewarding experiences. those songs are the ones that have given me peace. i hope this song becomes the soundtrack to YOUR moments in need of love & light. and that no matter what you are going through its okay. embrace hope every single second & remember that no matter how much you just wanna give up, hold on until that moment of strength shows up & you feel BORN AGAIN. excited to announce the first single off my upcoming EP, BORN AGAIN coming to you 1.25.2019 🖤 stay tuned.

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Baru-baru ini, Tiffany menghapus semua unggahannya di akun Instagram dan hanya menyisakan 1 foto saja.

Tiffany terakhir kali melakukan comeback resmi dengan merilis MV lagu Teach You pada akhir September lalu. Namun pada akhir November lalu, Tiffany memberikan hadiah lagu Peppermint untuk menyambut datangnya libur musim dingin.